Identify your Brand DNA

Written by Manou Messmann




The workshop “Identify your Brand DNA” is created for passionate brand owners, who wants to grow their brand in an authentic, meaningful, and fun way.

The workshop is perfect as step two after a Brand Reading, but can easily be done alone.

The aim of the workshop is to discover and identify your unique BRAND DNA!

No one is like you -and that is amazing! You hold the key that is able to uplift millions of souls, and it is time to show the world that you are here -and why you are here!

Get ready to play with your visual imagination, your creative power and your inner intuition. If you want to create a brand that is able to attract, connect and transform -you need to go deep. And that is excactly what this workshop offers;-)

During the 2 hour workshop we work with:

  1. The vission of your brand
  2. Visual association
  3. Tools for a customized growth strategy


The reason why this workshop is so powerful and give you results from day one, is that we work with your values, your purpose and your true being -and that is strong!

A strategy only create visible results if your soul is a part of the journey. So invite your soul to a visual and creative workshop, where we get clear on you, your brand and how to transform a personal brand into a universal brand!

When your Brand DNA is clear -everything becomes clear:

  • What you sell
  • Why you sell it
  • How you differ from others
  • How you communicate with customers
  • How your brand looks like in different contexts


I am looking forward to meet you and your brand so we can discover your true Brand DNA!

Order the workshop here, and I will contact you, so we can schedule a workshop.

Please notice that this workshop is only offered in Denmark and the workshop can not be held online.