Brand Levitation

Written by Manou Messmann




Brand Levitation is a 10 days online course for fashionbrands, who wants to take their business to the next level.

For 10 days you will each day recieve a video and a worksheet that goes through every step of creating a succesfull fashionbrand.

We will go through the following steps:

  1. Golden Goals -What is your mildest dreams for your brand?
  2. Purpose -Why are you really creating this brand?
  3. Customer -Who is your customer?
  4. Communication -How do you communicate with your customers?
  5. Impact -Which difference do you want to create?
  6. Society -Which community are you creating?
  7. DNA -What is your brand DNA?
  8. Product -How to create a strong and bestselling product
  9. Listening -How to get feedback
  10. Strategy -Where to begin and what to do.

After you have been working with the 10 days of Brand Levitation, you are not only wiser on branding and the secret of succesful brands -you are also ready to do the (fun) work and see your brand lift off 😉



Love Manou