Brand Levitation

Written by Manou Messmann




The Brand Levitation Program is a 10 steps program for any brand who wants to go from personal to universal.

Yes, it is absolutely about taking your brand to the next step and be able to transform as many lives as possible.

The program is designed for busy brand-owners who wants to go deep, but don´t have tons of hours of free time. In other words: I have created a 10 steps program that take you through the most important parts of creating (and growing) a transforming brand.

But what is “a transforming brand”? That is often a brand within fashion, beauty, coaching or lifestyle. A brand that wants to make the life of their customers and clients better, more alive and more beautiful.

The Brand Levitation Program introduce you to:

  1. Golden Goals -What is your wildest dreams for your brand?
  2. Purpose -Why are you really creating this brand?
  3. Customer -Who is your customer?
  4. Communication -How do you communicate with your customers?
  5. Impact -Which difference do you want to create?
  6. Society -Which community are you creating?
  7. DNA -What is your brand DNA?
  8. Product -How to create a strong and bestselling product
  9. Listening -How to get feedback
  10. Strategy -Where to begin and what to do.

All steps are presented by short videos and work-sheets. That makes it easy to learn, understand and take the visdom into action;-)

After you have been working with the 10 steps of Brand Levitation, you are not only wiser on branding and the secret of growing a powerful, authentic and transformative brands -you are also ready to do the (fun) work and see your brand lift off 😉

The program is being released january 2022! So get ready for it;-)


Love Manou