Fashion Summer School -June

Written by Manou Messmann




Fashion Summer School 21 -24th of June 2021

This summer school is created for fashion addicts who wants to upgrade their skills and understanding within fashion. No matter if you are a designstudent, are planning to study fashion or already work with fashion -the course is for you, if:

  • You love fashion
  • Want to get wiser on fashion as a phenomenon
  • Know that there is more in fashion than its surface
  • Wants to bring the latest knowledge to the table (at work, in the classroom or as a brandowner).
  • Wants to join a community of fashion-lovers from all over the world


The summer school is 4 full days.

We will work with:

  • Fashion Psychology
  • Branding
  • Fashion Technology
  • Transformative Fashion
  • Art & Fashion
  • Robust Fashion
  • Trends

If you love the visual side of fashion, but know that fashion is so much more than the physical layer -this course is for YOU!!

After 4 full days of online teaching (including texts, assignments and live lectures), you will be able to understand the dynamics of fashion on a higher level. This course will give you the latest insight on fashion and make you stand stronger, so you can become an important player in the international arena of fashion.

I can´t wait to introduce you to the deeper layers of fashion!!

Book your seet now -and we will meet online the 21 – 24th of june 😉 -Limited amount of seets, so we make sure that the online setting feels safe, comfortable and enjoyable 🙂

Early bird price in May: 250 dollars. (When booking in June, the price is 400 dollars).

Questions? Send me a message via


All the best,

Manou 🙂