Brands encourage consumers to vote! -Is it the beginning of the political fashionbrand?

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Patagonia, Michael Kors and American Eagle encourage consumers to vote, but what does that mean? Are fashionbrands ready to enter the world of politics, or are they playing with fire?

“Vote the assholes out”

If you have been drifting around on social media the last couple of weeks, you have probably seen Patagonias tags, which very clearly encourage their consumers to vote -and not only vote, but “vote the assholes out”. The message is directed towards politicians, who deny climate change. By sharing this message Patagonia tells the world how dedicated they are, when it comes to Nature. But is it a good thing to mix fashion and politics?

That is the question -so let´s find out.

Brands close offices on election day

Patagonia is not the only brand who have suggested consumers that it is important to vote. Brands as Michael Kors and Ameraican Eagle has both created T-shirts with strong messages printet on the chest. Other brands, such as Birkenstock, Steve Madden and Nike all close their office on election day, so employees have time to enter the polls.

Social activism attract young consumers

There are different ways to show, that you as a brand want people to vote and this trend is growing bigger the closer we get to election day. Why? offcourse it is free PR and the story is interesting, but it is also a sign of a new era, where brands involve in social activism in an extend we have never seen before. The younger generation is more involved in social activism and they have an awareness about climate change, which prior generations have never had. Just take a look at Greta Thunberg. She is a living example of the young and dedicated citizen, who wants to fight for a better world.

Politics can be a danger-zone to enter

Branding yourself as a social activist brand will without a doubt attract young consumers, but it is also a challenging strategy if you want to have a broad consumer range. Politics can be a dangerous area to get involved with. How you vote is for most people a very personal matter, and it is something many of us will never revael to neither friends nor family. As we know politics can divide. So do fashionbrands dare to take the step and enter the world of politics?

An access to a whole new generation

Patagonia show their concern for the planet, which is a pretty “safe move”, because of their position as an outdoor brand. This shows us, that it IS possible to get involved in politics as a fashionbrand, but we have to be carefull. One thing is to encourage for a better world. It is something completely else to encourage to vote for higher/lower tax, healthcare or abortion. In other words: Politics is still a challenging area to enter, but not impossible at all. And if you do it right; you can enter the lives of a whole new generation!