Resistant Fashion -What the fxxxx is that?

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Dear all of you fashion people out there!

I have made a video about Resistant Fashion. A term and a theory that I will talk a lot about, because of its ability to create succesfull fashionbrands. It is such a strong method, that I am writing an e-book about it, so that you can get all the details and be sure to get all the information you need.

Enjoy the video and read below the video (after watching it), if you are hungry after more information

If you want to know more about which methods to use, then read this awesome article about HOW to listen to your consumers:

There are a lot of different companys that offer listening tools. I can recommend: and .

These tools can give you data and knowledge about your consumers and their relationship to your brand. Knowledge that is worth millions! We all know how well Netflix is doing with their consumer-oriented approach and their ability to analyse consumer behavior. And no the succes is not only because of Kevin Spacey;-)


You have to remember though, that all these methods are QUANTITATIVE, which means you have to apply a more QUALITATIVE approach if you want to go deeper and seek the information behind the numbers and all the data.

A qualitative approach could be interviews with people from your consumer group. You can do this 1:1 or in focus groups, but that depends on what you are asking about.

That´s all the information for today folks. I hope it was useful:-)