How to get shit done and stay motivated – 10 inspiring advices

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If you are your own boss OR just want to get some advice on how to stay motivated and focused, then read my advices below. The 10 advices are some of the best I have ever got, so I thought they could be helpful for others as well. -Enjoy:-)


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  1. Your mindset is your key to success.
  2. Follow your intuition -it is much wiser than your brain and will guide you to success.
  3. Invest in yourself with new knowledge -Get wiser everyday. Knowledge is todays gold.
  4. Only fear can destroy your dream from becoming a reality.
  5. “The best” is “the good enoughs” worst enemy. -Aiming too high can result in nothing gets done.
  6. Be so good they can´t ignore you.
  7. Focus on ONE thing at the time and get it done.
  8. Do one thing everyday, that brings you closer to your goal. -You can´t succeed just by thinking.
  9. Write “TO-DO” lists as something you are already doing: “I am writing on my new e-book” instead of “write an e-book”.
  10. First you shall enjoy and then you can achieve.