Is the loyal consumer history?

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We are told that the loyal consumer doesn´t exist anymore. A statement I would like to argue.

The consumer is still loyal

In the last decade the fashion industry started to talk about how the consumer was no longer loyal and everything was unsecure and uncertain in the industry. Feelings no fashion brand wants to have nor experience. If you don´t know whether or not the consumers will buy your product, you don´t know if you business exist in the future.


But the consumer was and still is loyal towards fashionbrands -it is just their shopping behavior that has changed. When fashion came online and you could suddenly shop on webshops -a whole new world opened up for the fashion consumer. Now she or he could choose among thousands of different fashion brands from all over the world -without leaving the country.  And what happens when you can choose among thousands of brands instead of hundreds? The consumer will not choose the same four brands, but will now buy and pick out clothes from maybe twelve different brands -which results in a wider shopping behavior than earlier.


The key to loyalty

So don´t get scared of the consumers not being loyal, because they actually are. They still have their favorite brands -the one they go to again and again, because they know they will always be able to find some good stuff. So find out why you are the consumers favorite brand:

  • What does your fashion brand contribute with?
  • Why do the consumer keep coming back after more?

Identify the need you are fulfilling through your fashion brand and do an effort to know and understand your consumer. They are changing everyday and it is your job to find out what they want tomorrow -even when they don´t know it themselves.