TED talk about the clothes we wear -is that “TED-worthy”?…

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Finally a serious TED talk about the act of getting dressed

Last week my TED talk about the power of clothes was released online and one of my biggest dreams came true. Ever since I saw my first TED talk many years ago, I have been longing to do the same; To go out there and talk about what fashion and clothes “do to us”.

But why choose TED as a media and is clothing a “TED-worthy” topic?

From the first time I was introduced to the concept TED talks, I immediately developed a huge respect for the initiative. There it was -ideas and knowledge being shared TO the people!

The TED-concept is one of the most sympathetic initiatives in the world, when it comes to the noble aim –to spread knowledge. Simply because the TED speakers try to present their view, knowledge and ideas in a “down to earth way”. They try to include people out there, instead of talking too abstract or too theoretical. A goal I personally had to remind myself of several times, during my preparations for the talk. And I think I managed to give the messages that I wanted, without talking too academic. That fashion and the clothes we wear are much deeper than the physical layers we put on our bodies. A message that may seem ridiculous for some, but in my opinion this awareness can have big effect on the whole fashion industry. If we all realize that the clothes we wear is a mirror of our soul, self-perception and identity, we will not only begin to consume clothes in a new perspective, fashion brands will also start to produce clothes in a new perspective. More conscious, more reflective and more thoughtful, which in the end will decrease one of the worlds big environmental problems -world wide clothing waste!

If you would like to get wiser about the power of clothes, then take a look at the TED talk “Are you wearing your future” below. ENJOY;-)