Digital innovation in the fashion industry -The reason why you can´t ignore the world online!

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You need to read this if you want the latest consumer knowledge about digital innovation in the fashion industry!

I give you consumer knowledge –”Fresh out ´the box”; What I think is the GOLD key points from the conference ”Digital Innovation in the fashion industry”:


  • Work with Digital media. Fashion brands that do this, have a bigger turnover, than companys that isn´t paying attention to it.
  • Focus on ”calm computing” when you build online webshops (giving the customers an uncomplicated useroriented experience). It makes your customer feel relaxed and trustfull towards your webshop and products.
  • If you don´t have a webshop already –create one! Your sales will increase in your ”real” shop.
  • There is NO chrisis on the internet!
  • Give the loyal consumers something extra. They will share it on the social media and your brand value will increase.
  • Think about social media as a town your consumers visit every day – make sure they see your brand while they visit!
  • Companys have a tendency to rely on success from the past. Sometimes that is a good idea, but have in mind that time is changing and so are your consumers; so don´t be afraid of implementing new ways of doing things.
  • Many fashion companys are afraid of integrating new knowledge in their business strategy, which is a shame. If you want to win Tour de france, it doesnt happen by racing safely behind the other competitors.
  • The consumer has become more complex than ever before. The have multiple identeties, which means they can do yoga on mondays and crossfit on fridays, a tendency that can be observed in their relationship to food and clothes as well.

So all in all -Get out there and hurry up!!