3D in the Fashion Industry -What to expect?

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I recently attended a conference about Digital Innovation in the Fashion industry and of course they also talked about 3D. Not much, but enough to inspire me to do some further research.

What will happen in the years to come? 

What was told at the conference was, more or less, that 3D is just around the corner and will be an integreated part of the designindustry within the next 3 years. Some people are afraid of all the possibilities that comes with the 3D printer, because of the ”loss of power” –”Then everybody can create their own beautiful products”. To that I can only say one thing: When the sewing machine was launched, the consumers didn´t stop buying new clothes! And then some people say, yeeeaaahh 3D is maybe great according to functionality, but what about aesthetics? Seriously? With the 3D printer you will experience a whole new level of aesthetics! Just think of a seashell and how beatifull and fascinating its structure inside is –That is what the 3D printer is capable of creating. Just look at these shoes! Crazy looking, but really amazing!

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From: www.designboom.com
From: www.designboom.com






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A whole new world of opportunities appear!

I think the interesting part is to focus on the opportunities for the 3D printer. When a ”tool” like this is created, you can suddenly make BETTER products, and that is what really gets me turned on! Because in my opinion you should never produce just in the aim of selling. You should produce what is relevant and necessary for the consumers. And something that definitely exist in this category it the “start up” business ”Feetz” www.feetz.co . They create custom fit, 3D printed shoes. This concept means you no longer have to try a shoe on again –ever! As they say: ”Today, we wear a shoe that´s been made and sized to fit anyone…Im exited to bring a new reality to the market by offering over 7 billion shoe sizes -1 for everyone in the world…We are offering the only size you will ever need”.

Feetz is together with SOLS www.sols.com , who is creating 3D printed comfort custom orthotics, signs of what to expect of amazing consumer oriented products in the nearby future! 3D printer –I salute you!!

From: www.digitaltrends.com
From: www.digitaltrends.com