No collections in the Fashion Industry? It is already happening….

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Tired of the constant pressure of creating new collections 24-7? Then you will probably be happy to find out, that collections, as we know them, is about to die.

Rethink fashion

Over the past months I have noticed some changes in our society and the consumer behavior that will affect the way we produce clothes in the years to come. Creating fashion will no longer be a linear process, but much more diverse and dynamic. I have identified 5 reasons describing, why collections, as a concept, is about to die and disappear.

  1. The consumer “wants what (s)he want when (s)he wants it”. They know that everything is practically possible -So why can´t they get the Celine sunglasses from 2014, just because they are sold out?
  2. Focus on personal style instead of specific trends and items. This means it is no longer a “no go” to wear styles from last season -it is an evidence of self-esteem and you being loyal to your own personal style.
  3. The designers are tired and exhausted about constantly creating new collections. That results in minimal time to creative exploration and maybe even more important; no time to get wiser on your consumers needs.
  4. The Fashion Industry is missing out on profit because of the concept “collections”. If it was possible for every customer to get the product (s)he wanted, then sales would increase dramatically. You no longer have to play “hard to get” as a Fashion Brand -in then aim of feeling exclusive. It is TOO easy to get “exclusive” products today, which results in “exclusive” loosing its original meaning.
  5.  The future is more dynamic and chaotic than we are able to understand right now. Fashion will not be developed in a classic linear process, with one collection beginning after the other. Instead a brand will have a strong and recognisable identity that is shown through out all of their clothing items. The designers will not reinvent the designs every season, but focus on improving the designs that are already existing.