“Uncool is the new cool”!

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In a world full of filters, perfect Instagram accounts and unrealistic rolemodels -people begin looking for something else. Something more real and something they can actually identify with. Uncool is the new cool -and it feels liberating as fxxx!

Our perception of the perfect life has changed

Something new and interesting is happening right now. Our values are slowly changing and this can be seen by the TV shows we choose to watch, the profiles we decide to follow and the brands we spend our money on.

For years we have had our eyes on the perfect people. The ones living the dream. But now we are in a situation, where the dream have changed. We no longer have the same desire for luxury and statussymbols, we long for something deeper and more meaningful.

Why do our values change?

So why do we see this shift in behaviour and values? The shift is a counter reaction from perfect to realistic. People are tired of not being cool enough, hot enough or “right” enough. Our society have dictated very narrow and strict ideals when it comes to our perception of gender, bodytypes and the definition of a happy life. Unrealistic rolemodels have shared polished pictures of a spotless life, but it has been so spotless, that no one can see themselves in this world. And that is a problem. Not only when it comes to sales and promoting products (identifycation is crucial here), but also when it comes to our understanding of us selves as human beings. We end up with a perception of “being wrong” -and that has a lot of negative consequences, such as stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.

Kylie Jenner showing us the flawless life. Exhausting (and expensive)!!

How do we know that uncool is the new cool?

Luckily things are changing in 2020 and we already see the first signs of an improved world in my opinion). Take a look at the Netflix serie “Sex education”. It shows two main characters (Otis and Eric), who are very “uncool”, but we all sympathize with them and think they are amazing!

Uncool Eric and Otis endt to cool Maeve

Another Netflix show, which shows us that the uncool person becomes popular, is The Circle. In this show we meet the american/indian guy Shubham, who just wants to be himself in every uncool aspect -and that actually gives him popularity to come to the finals of the show (I wont reveal how far he actually comes, in case you want to see it yourself).

Shubham -just being himself.

Rolemodels for personality is changing

The last couple of years we have seen the perception of gender expanding and we now have transgender models on the runway (yaiii). the perception of the ideal bodytype has also opened up and we see more and more natural bodies on magazines, commercials and on the catwalk. This is also the fact when it comes to modest dressing, where we had he first female model wearing a hijab in Sports Illustrated in 2019.

Now we have come to the aspects of personality. In fashion it has always been cool to be a bad ass. The kind of person who goes for the top and leaves everyone behind with no regrets, but this has changed. It is no longer cool to be an ass -to say it direct. Now it is cool to be uncool, which means to be excactly who you are and be proud of it. Being you is authnetic and REAL, and that is what everyone is craving for in a society where we can´t trust politicians, science or avatar influencers.

Avatar influencer Lil Miquela.

Time to open up (and feel safe about it).

The reason why we dare to be uncool now and not 10 years ago, is because of the fact that we are moving into a more feminine time. A time where it is ok to show vulnerability. It is ok to be you and it is ok to be human. And that is the paradox in a decade with more technology than ever before. That technology reminds us of what it means to be human. That “perfect” is boring and that human “flaws” is what makes the world colorful and exciting.

So get out there. Show the world how perfect imperfect you are 😉

This article is written by Manou Messmann.