How to use ASMR in branding and why you should begin ASAP!

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ASMR as a social media phenomenon

Ever heard about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response? Maybe not, but I am pretty sure that you have seen videos on Youtube, TikTok or Instagram with someone whispering into a microphone or making weird sounds by touching food, hairbrushes or high-end fashion objects.

What is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response -also known as ASMR is “a tingling sensation -often triggered by auditory or visual stimuli” according to the latest definition in Wikipedia. But why is ASMR so interesting and especially when it comes to branding?

Connect with your customer with ASMR

ASMR is the area to dive into if you want to connect with your customers on a deeper level. To be more specific: On the unconscious level. ASMR has the ability to activate all of our senses eventhough we only experience the juice grapes through a digital screen. ASMR is the closest we can get to a physical experience through a digital device -and that my friends -are something all brands should keep an eye to, especially in times of a pandemic, where we are restricted to online shopping.

“ASMR is the closest we can get to a physical experience through a digital device”

ASMR will bring you closer to Nirvana

So what is it ASMR do? Personally I haven´t experienced the almost nirvana-like-experience yet, but according to ASMR-experts (and fans) ASMR give us “a subjective experience of low grade euphoria characterized by a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin” (Wikipedia). That doesn´t sound bad! And maybe that is the reason why millions of people love to watch and listen to these videos.

To illustrate some of the videos, we have the “traditional” “let me eat some different food and let´s see how it sounds -videos”:

Other ASMR creators eat fake hairbrushes, bottles and toys -and create new interesting combinations of sound and expectation of sound. One thing is sure -there are plenty of ASMR videos to dive into, if you want to discover the world of ASMR. In 2018, YouTube had over 13 million different ASMR videos!

Customers crave for sensitive stimulation

So should we take a look at this new way of communicating? Oh, yes we should. In a world where everyone is overstimulated on both visual and auditive levels, the sensitive sound, touch and images become something we crave for. Our increasing amount of digital devices in our home and everyday life also make us long for something more tactile -like the sight of a lipstick being cut, smashed and melted. When we don´t have time to connect with the materials of nature -we like to look at it.

The beauty brand “Huda beauty” is one of the brands, who is playing with ASMR. In one of their Instagram videos they show how they more or less smash and destroy all of their beautyproducts, but in an aesthetic pleasing way:

Concealer being cut in pieces

Lipstick being melted.

Foundation being mixed.

ASMR is the magic key to a strong consumer experience

All of the examples above illustrates the sensory feeling of the product and now we are moving into the core of ASMR: Its ability to transform static products and objects into sensory experiences, eventhough we can´t see, hear, smell or touch them in real life!

Its ability to transform static products and objects into sensory experiences, eventhough we can´t see, hear, smell or touch them in real life!

This branding magic is beginning to appear in commercials and campaigns all over the world, but it is still on an early stage. Latest I noticed Hermes (luxury fashionbrand) who created several small videos for Instagram with focus on sound and touch. It is some of the most beautyful ASMR videos ever created!

No one does it better than Hermes, when it comes to ASMR!
The touch and feeling of soft velvet combined with the hard gold metal buckle is brilliant!

How to use ASMR in your branding strategy

So where do we begin? To begin with you take a look around your latest collection and products and ask yourself: “How does this collection/product taste, feel and sound”? Can we bring life into this collection on a deeper and more sensory level? Can we try to give our customer the full experience of the product, so it isn´t just about a presentation on a model, but also an experience of soft leather against the skin or the sound of the heels clicking on on the floor?

ASMR will disrupt how we interact with digital devices

We have had a relationsship with digital devices for several decades now. Maybe it is about time we try to create a more warm, soft and gentle experience through these cold and hard devices? One thing is sure: The future is not only human, the future is Nature. Which means; the human race will not crave more metal and hard surfaces. We will be attracted by anything human and natural. The earlier we tap into this need, the stronger we become as a company, no matter which business you are in.

ASMR is not only here to stay. It is here to show us what we are made of: Flesh, blood, love and feelings!