Brand Reading

Written by Manou Messmann




Brand Reading is created for brands, who wants to grow, expand and transform.

It is for the brand who knows that there is bigger potential hiding in the brand

-ready to be explored.


A Brand Reading starts even before we meet. The moment you order a Brand Reading session, I will start the Brand Reading by looking through all of your touch points, such as your website, your social media channels and maybe even your offline store.

My impression of you and your brand will be a part of the knowledge I bring for the Brand Reading session.

The Brand Reading session is 1 hour -either online or offline (that is up to you). During this hour I get a strong impression of who you are, what you are here for and how to lift and unleash the full potential of your brand.

After the session I will send you a strategy on how to activate your full brand potential.

A Brand Reading is a 3-step session:

  • Before (First Impression Brand Reading)
  • Now (The Brand Reading session -Full impression)
  • After (Strategy on how to activate full potential)


This approach makes it possible for you to get the full perspective and the full outcome!

Eventhough a Brand Reading sounds like a spiritual proces, there is a lot of scientific tools, marketing strategies, branding insigths, consumer-behaviour know-how, psychology and neuroscience included.

The moment we combine the spiritual approach with the scientific insight, tools and strategies -that is when the magic happens!!

Sounds cool, right? -And it is!  So be ready for 1 hour (and of course the work I do before and after the session) of amazing, intense and claryfying session that lies in front of you.

The aim is to not only to discover your true brand potential, but also to see and understand the next step that is waiting in front of you:-)

I can´t wait to get wiser on your brand and help you to grow, expand and transform!

If you are ready to book your Brand Reading, order here and we will schedule a session.


Clients say:

“You have pinpointed my core business and where to focus! So much knowledge and yet you manage to make it playful and clear! I am amazed and in awe! Thank you”!

– Shirley Maisted, CEO Healthy Skin


“Manou is a massive support. She understand the history of our brand and the humans behind the brand. She motivates and are able to think BIG! She has a very special gift to make you believe in yourself and the goals you set -this gives me the strengt I need as a brand-owner. Manou is creative and are able to see the brand from more perspectives than others. She will push you forward, but always in a gentle way”

Stine Hoff, CEO Porcelain Perfumery.