How Communication theory can change your designprocess

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When I studied psychology and communication I learned a lot. Sometimes the theories I was presented to was difficult to understand and seemed boring, but most of the time (Thank god!) I could relate to the theories and I immediately knew how to use them and implement them in the designprocesses for a fashion brand. Because that was what I was thinking about 24-7; How can I use every little golden wisdom and make it available to the fashion industry, so they can create strong fashion?


The theory every fashion brand should know 

One of the theories that understands the reality we live in very well is Brenda Derwins “Gap Bridging Theory”, sounds sexy? -Naaa, not really! Useful? -Indeed!! This theory focus on which problems, challenges and obstacles the recepient have (in our case, the recipient is the consumer). It recognizes the resistance from the receiver and discover what can be done to overcome this resistance; if there is a gap between what you want to tell/produce and what the recipient actually wants to listen to/do/ or buy, then you have to take a close look at the gap between you and your recipients(consumers). What is the resistance? Define it. Understand it and then you can try to adjust your products.


The aim is to close the gap between your message/product and the consumer.

So why doesn´t the consumer buy your product? Find out (find and identify the gap) and close the gap immediately!

How to close the gap and sell products

If you want to find out what the gap is, you need to know your consumer synthroid 25 mcg. Talk to them (or hire someone to do it) and find out why your products isn´t selling as good as you expected them to. Hopefully you already produce great products, which the consumers wants to buy most of the time, but sometimes you experience low periods -Do something about that!



Resistance resistance resistance -I can´t say it enough

“But we don´t like to focus on what´s not working -we want to focus on the positive” -Well, thats a great idea (positivity is an amazing force), BUT resistance from the consumers can be just as amazing as positive respons and feedback, sometimes even better! It is from the resistance we learn to create strong products! And strong products is relevant products, and relevant products SELL!!


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Enjoy your day;-) Manou