How to create creativity

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If you are already working in a creative business such as design, fashion or maybe science (new scientific ideas is made out of creativity as well), you know how important creativity is. But what if we suddenly experience a period with no inspiration or creativity? Should we just wait until the magic feeling comes back to us or is there something we can do, in order to bring it back?


Visual and colorfull creativity
Visual and colorfull creativity

Create your creativity

You can actually create your creativity today! Because creativity is not necessarily something we can find inside of ourselves, we can find it in our surroundings -in the space between people. And that is a crucial realization when we work with theories about creativity; we CAN reinforce it and you can do it by some very simple steps.

Creativity is around you

Creativity is not as abstract or mysterious as it might seems. This means you don´t have to be afraid of it -not even if you think you have lost it. You can bring it back, just by changing your surroundings. And this is how you do it:

  • Creative environments creates creative people, so take a look at the; colors in the room, smells and sounds. Make sure to give all the senses something new and inspiring.
  • Create an environment full of trust, support and freedom for action.
  • Involve different kinds of people. The different people will make interesting interaction and reinforce creativity.

Watch this video as creative inspiration:

The importance of creativity

When our society changes, we change as people -and we change as consumer. To respond and react on these changes we need new innovative and creative ideas. Especially if you want to be a leading player in your business-field. So go out there and be creative! I know you can do it;-)


Hope you could use the inspiration!