Clothing is Vibrations

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and by realizing this, fashion brands can create products the consumer is attracted to immediately!

Vibrations affects what the consumers buy

Everything is made out of vibrations. You, me, the universe –actually everything around us. When I say ”vibrations” you probably think about hippies smooking weed and holding eachothers hands. This is not quite what I want to talk about today. By vibrations, I mean that we are all moving and everything around us is moving. Even iron is moving, eventhough it looks and feels like something stabil! The reason why, is found in the structure of an atom. It is made by neutrons and protons dancing with eachother and therefor –moving.


We are all vibrations

So reality is that nothing is really stabil, but instead it is in a vibration. And because we are all made by these vibrations, we feel them very strongly. An obviuos example could be, how we effect other people. You often talk about people with a ”good or a bad vibe”. But vibrations is also seen and experienced very clear through nature, music, dance, colors (like the colour yellow is positive and orange is the color of energy) and clothes.

Read about Color Psychology right here:


So now it gets interesting….We can get different experiences by looking at different clothes, depending on the color, structure and design. We are, as consumers, attracted by the clothes that we can connect with on a vibrational level.



What are you drawn to as a Consumer?

If I haven´t lost you yet, then hang on;-) I don´t want this to be more complicated than necessarily… My point is; the human race, is attracted and drawn to the products that gives them the vibe they are longing for(besides lots of other reasons to consume, such as identification and symbolic consumption).

Personally I have always been fascinated by pink and neon colors.

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Sorry guys -I do love neon!!








And music-wise, my inner vibration connects with rhythms represented in Dubstep and Dancehall music (even though I might not look like the typical Dancehall-queen)! These colors and this certain music gives me an amazing energy and lifts me up. I can´t explain why –but it does.

We all have our level of vibrations, so when you meet someone, who likes the same music as you, you might vibrate on the same level and maybe get along….

What can we use this information to Fashion-wise??

If you make and create fashion products  you might take a look at how colors affect people. How do they feel about a certain design in yellow vs. blue? Which emotions do the consumer get by wearing something yellow vs. something blue? Find out which feeling you want to give your consumers and design the clothes and products with the knowledge in mind.

You can also go the other way around and ask yourself –as a designer or brand; what feeling is the consumer dreaming of today? Which vibe and mood are they longing for? And then brainstorm on which colors and materials that can actually produce this feeling.

The result?

You are creating the products the consumer wants and needs!