New wardrobe without buying anything new!

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Yeaa, it is actually possible! I have done some serious spring-cleaning(should be summer right now- but not in Denmark….) in my closet and I would like to share my method, because of course it isn´t just about making order in chaos, when you clean and organize the closet. Cleaning your closet is about finding the clothes that supports you in every aspect of your life! And you probably already got it hanging in there somewhere….

You will find out, by the cleaning-proces, that you have a weakness for certain types of clothes....
You will find out, by the cleaning-proces, that you have a weakness for certain types of clothes….This is one of my obsessions….










Get started!

It can seem a bit overwhelming sometimes just to open your closet, especially if you (like me) have way too much clothes…. But you just have to jump right into it and begin. And when I say begin, I mean by using this method:

  1. Empty the closet -totally
  2. Pick out all the items that makes you feel amazing. Important to focus on the best clothes you have, which means the clothes that will bring out the best in you -only good vibes in this cleaning-method!
  3. The clothes that is still laying on the floor/bed/chairs is not out of the game -yet! Look at it one at the time and ask yourself: “Would I wear this right now”? Or ” Is this the message I want to send to my surroundings”? If not -bye bye! You will not need it anymore.

Hard to say goodbye

If you are just a little bit like me and truly connect with what you wear, it can be hard to throw out clothes. I always pass it on to the teenage girls in the family or give it to my two daughters, so they can play with it. The rest I donate to charity.

Good advices! 

  1. Buy some good hangers! Slim ones for the shirts and thick ones for the nice jackets.
  2. Never put more than one item on the hangers. You need to have it all hanging, so you can actually SEE it!
  3. Find out which type of organising that fits you. It could be organising by colour, type of clothes (pants, shirts, dresses etc), by style og by use (work, party, garden etc). I prefer organising by style, because I have so many different kinds of styles, and my closet therefore looks a bit schizophrenic. When my closet is organized according to the different styles, I can easily find the clothes that fits my mood and my doings for the day. Find the way that makes the daily clothing/dressing ritual easy to navigate in.

You will LOVE your new closet

When you have done all the cleaning and feel exhausted, you will first of all be satisfied. Cleaning always gives you new and good energy -no matter where it is done. But you will probably also find out that you don´t really need any new clothes -you just need to wear new combinations. Try to challenge yourself and your creativity and wear some combos you have never worn before.

And yet another "theme" in my closet. Only 20% of "all my stripes"...
And yet another “theme” in my closet. Only 20% of “all my stripes”…


The way you dress is a symbol of how you perceive yourself. Show the world not only who you are right now, but also who you want to be!

Best regards Manou, and make sure to enjoy the weekend (even if it rains)!