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This blogpost is for all of you not fitting into a certain box! And what you can do about it;-)


Some weeks ago I posted a quote on Instagram saying “Why stick to one style when you can have them all”? The reason I wanted to share this thought, was my own personal need to experiment more with different styles. When I experiment with different types of clothing I often meet people, who seem confused about me, but they don´t need to feel confused. I am still the same person, even though I dress differently. So that is my shout out today: Be all of your personalities -and don´t be afraid to show it off by the way you dress! That was the short version. Read the text below to get the whole version;-)

Box-thinking is energy saving 

When you try to fit into a box and become a certain “type” it is perfectly normal. The human race more or less wants everything to be in boxes. Our brain is designed to categorize all our visual impressions, so that we don´t have to learn everything all over again every morning. It is an amazing function (and if you want to know more -watch my ted talk), but sometimes the “box-thinking” is restricting us, especially when it comes to style!

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This girl is maybe working as a teacher -we simply don´t know and that is just fine 🙂

You are what you wear

“I dress therefore I am” -this was the title of my master thesis some years ago. I still believe that our way of dressing is a way of telling our surroundings who we are and what we want, but that does´t mean you have to be the same every day! Your mood is constantly changing, your life situation is changing and who you are will always change according to who you interact with. So it is actually very natural to behave in different ways and also dress in different ways, but if we dress differently everyday we might confuse our surroundings….




Feel your core “self” and have fun with style

When you believe that most of the world and the people living in it are constructed -it is forbidden to talk about “a human core”, when it comes to defining personality and identity… Nevertheless this is what I do. If you want to play with different types of style, you have to feel relaxed and settled about who you are “deep inside”. Of course no one is 100% Buddha-like, but you get my point; in order to play around with different kinds of clothing, you have to feel comfortable about yourself.

Colourfull Tokyo style



Some would say “no style”, but the girl is shining and is dressing in a way she loves -so what´s not to love? 😉











Why challenge box-thinking?

What is wrong about all the nice boxes we have made? And why do I even write this blogpost? The reason is that I observe the society we live in, with an awareness about that WE CONSTRUCTED IT! This means, things can change, if we want them to. I believe that we are restricting ourselves by thinking that you have to choose one style in order to feel “complete”. That doesn´t have to be the truth. Lets create a new “truth”. Lets dress differently everyday -if that is what you are feeling like. Don´t think about which box or style to fit into. Create your own box and inspire you surroundings to do the same. Lets get some more color out there. Lets get some more diversity. You are not alone. You are still loved 🙂


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May your week be great! Love Manou!

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