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If you love to get wiser about fashion, and why fashion is inspiring, scary, exiting, beautiful, ugly and thousands of other things, you should check out these 7 websites. They are all full of knowledge, so that you can get a wider understanding of the different dynamics in fashion.

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The website for the money-makers. Fashion is full of money. Take a look at Fashinvest and find out who gets the money!






Fashinvest is where fashion meets finance. It is the place to get information about where the big investments is taking place. If you sign up to their newsletter, you get an easy overview about what is happening in the fast lane of the fashion industry. Fashinvest do networking, conferences and pitch-events and offer heavy knowledge within the business of fashion.

But there is one side effect of watching this website too much and that is stress caused by the crazy pace that fashinvest is working in. Suddenly you get aware of how fast this business is developing and you simply get overwhelmed by the huge amounts of fashion-ideas and concepts out there. So use this page for inspiration an a way to get a look inside of the fashion-investment business and don´t get scared about it;-)


Easysize is a company I have mentioned before. They deliver a service that makes sure that the customer (who is shopping online) always gets the right size, but besides this service, Easysize give you great information about the latest knowledge within fashion-research.

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Easysize -I just love you and what you do! You are sharing your knowledge. Imagine if everyone did this!






You can follow Easysize on their website, especially through the blog, but I would recommend you to follow them on Linkedin. They are sharing interesting information very often, and it is always very easy to read and understand.


This TED is not the TED with “ideas worth sharing”. This TED is an initiative, which stands for:  Textile Environment Design. The aim is to offer “a set of practice-based sustainable design strategies that assist designers in creating textiles that have a reduced impact on the environment”. If you follow this website or/and their blog, you will get a clear picture of the what is happening within sustainable design right now.

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Lots of colour and lots of wisdom. What´s not to like?








The Textile toolbox is a project made by TED, mentioned above. The aims of Textile toolbox is “to create systemic and profitable change within the fashion industry through ‘interconnected design thinking and processes for sustainable textiles and fashion”. This website works as a platform for designers and experts to engage with new design ideas.

Watch their video and get an idea about what they are actually doing and contributing with (find the video on their website).

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Videos are always welcome. The just explains things better. So go to the website and check it out.








This website is dominated by the founder David Carlson. David is a design strategist and creative director. He has worked with design for more than 25 years and provides know-how to corporate brands.

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Yeaaa, David looks pretty international to me! And so he is. Sharing his wisdom all over the world.








The webpage “explores the intersection of design, culture and business”. That means that this page is not only about fashion, but also about art, architecture, culture, design, food, innovation, music, sustainability and travel.

David has written a lot of interesting books and reports and makes sure you get a “cutting-edge critical thought”. David and his team wants to make a difference by challenging the conventional mindset, and I am a big fan of that. The “why” is always important no matter what you do and this “why” is what makes the world a better place. We can do better, and a way to figure out how to do better is by asking questions, by being curious and by having an open mindset -and I am pretty sure that David has that.


Fashion Projects is more or less a blog as we know them, but not about which favorite items you have or information about what to eat for breakfast. This blog is about fashion projects! Fashion Projects wants to create a platform, where they can “highlight the importance of fashion — especially “experimental” fashion”. Fashion Projects offer interviews with artists, designers, writers and curators, so this is not a site with abstract theories. This is a site with real people talking about what and how they do. Fashion Projects wants to open up for a dialogue between theory and practice, and I love that. Theory is worth nothing without practice and practice gives us inspiration to new theories.

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If you don´t have time to make your own fashion projects, see what other people find out.










Business of fashion is a must see. It is like just with a business-point of view instead of the visual approach. I follow Business of fashion via Twitter, and I will definitely recommend others to do the same.

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Add Business of fashion to your Twitter and get a daily dose of business in fashion.








Last but not least, one of my personal favorites, the website Selfpassage. Even the word sounds great! A passage to find yourself?… The man behind the website is Otto Von Busch. He is an assistant professor of integrative fashion at Parsons in New York. Besides teaching the young talents, he has created the website Selfpassage which is more or less an overload of crazy fashion knowledge.

Otto describes Selfpassage like this: “Selfpassage explores how fashion can be used for empowerment, self-development and personal as well as collective growth, instead of being a phenomenon of decrees and coercive anxiety. By the means of engaged fashion practices, selfpassage tries to bend the powers of fashion to achieve a positive personal and social condition with which the Everyperson is free to grow to his/her full potential”. And this is just music in my ears! Otto is combining fashion with psychology and is trying to open and bend the rules of fashion.

Even though the website looks a bit confusing, it is worth reading. Especially if you like a more philosophical approach to fashion.

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Looks confusing, but the knowledge is overwhelming.







I hope you found some inspiration and maybe a new favorite website that give you the fashion knowledge you were looking for.

Love Manou.