How social distance brought us all together

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A year ago I did some notes on a piece of paper (like I always do). On these notes I wrote: “We are living in a time of seperation, but soon we will enter a time, were all of this will get turned udside down”. Now we are in the middle of it. And it gives me the chills to read the notes I wrote 12 months ago! If you want to what I wrote -you should continue your reading.

Predicting the future

One of the things I do for a living -and have done ever since I was a child, is to see patterns. I have the ability to connect different kinds of behaviour and different ways of living. I analyze, connect the dots and solve the puzzle. Which means; I am able to predict the future when it comes to human behaviour.

Our life is like a mirror. It reveals who we are, what we do and what we want.

The seperation society

What I noticed 12 months ago was how our society is characterized by seperation. We are not born in our homes together with our family and friends -we are born in hospitals. We do not raise our kids at home, we use daycare, nursery and school. We don´t grow our own food, we buy it in a store and we don´t create our own clothes, we buy it in a shop.

We are seperated from many important parts of our life. This is done to save time, but no one talks about the downside. How this seperation affect our life and our behaviour. When we go to the hospital to give birth, we get all the help we need, but we also get dis-connected from our own intuition; our own feeling about how things should go and could go. Everything is put in a system, but life, emotions and experiences can not always fit into a certain structure or system. When we deliver our kids to daycare, nursery or school our relation with our kids become more weak and sometimes the childs selfworth and selfesteem decreases. When we don´t grow our own food, we don´t know what we are eating and sometimes we take food for granted -because we can always buy it. We don´t know how long time it takes to grow a carrot and we don´t know how the animals have lived their life before ending up at our dinner table. The same thing is happening with our clothes. We don´t know who made it, how it was made and how the textiles and materials are. We have build a distance between ourself and our surroundings and the consequence is that we can´t feel ourself!

We have build a distance between ourself and our surroundings and the consequence is that we can´t feel ourself!

Times are changing

When I sit here and look at my notes I notice all my points about seperation: “We are seperated between heart and brain, we are seperated by mobil phones, internet and apps”, but I also notice my words about how this seperation will come to an end and how everything will change. We will enter a time where feminine leadership will grow stronger and bigger, we will understand that economic growth isn´t the only answer and we will evolve within sustainable production and consumption.

Greta Thunberg was the kid telling everyone “The king isn´t wearing any clothes” and for some reason we all began to listen to this kid. The time was ready. Today Covid-19 is telling us about social distance. How we can all unite again when time is ready. That we were already seperated. Not on physical level, but on a mental level.

“We were already seperated. Not on a physical level, but on a mental level”

Will we become better at connecting and creating stronger relations after this crisis?..

Better times ahead

While most of the world are in the middle of a crisis, I see the beginning of something better and brighter. We have to reset what we have done until now. We have to re-think our way of living. And no matter who you were before Covid-19, this crisis have made you think, feel and maybe even wonder. Through decades we have seperated ourselves from nature. We thought it was the answer to create a society that was independent -and seperated from nature. The result is humans who are seperated from themselves.

The result is humans who are seperated from themselves”.

We feel connected through social media, apps and mobilephones, but in reality we feel more alone than ever before. Being connected online is not the same as looking into eachothers eyes, feeling eachothers energy and just being together while being present.

How to ad this to your business?

Ok, times will change but how can we ad this information to our business? -you might ask. The answer is: You have to build a more meaningful brand (know what you do and why you do it). You also have to connect on a deeper level with your customer (build a stronger connection with you customer) and you also have to think about your role in the bigger picture (do you have a positive or negative impact in the world you and your business is living in)? Now it is time to re-think your business, your brand and your purpose. You should be more than just a brand. Connect with people, listen and understand them. The future of brands will move into a whole new direction, but I think I will talk about that in another blogpost 😉

Time to rethink your business model!

Enjoy life, enjoy the distance and take care,

Love Manou.